About Us

Reppin Chi Athletics was conceived in the heart of Chicago and derived from genuine passion for health and fitness.  Our tag line is simple- "Always Reppin" and yet it is so much more complex than that.  Being an athletic brand, the obvious is to always get your reps in, promoting healthy and active life styles.  For us, however, this has so much more meaning.  We want to inspire people to wake up everyday and be their absolute best self possible in everything that they do.  "Always Reppin" can take on a different meaning for everyone and we want you to own it.  Rep everything that makes you you; your city, your neighborhood, your job, your friends, your family, and most importantly your own personal brand.  This is much more than athletic apparel, this is a commitment to a lifestyle!  
All of our high quality performance gear is designed and printed right here in the great city of Chicago, IL.  It is extremely important to us to keep as much of this brand as possible right here in the city.
For any questions or inquiries to become a Reppin Chi Athlete,
please email us directly at info@reppinchiathletics.com